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Quarterly Performance Monitoring Report PDF
The information below is intended to eliminate the guesswork of building a well-diversified portfolio appropriate for your retirement goals and ability to accept market volatility. To view a list of all of the investment options available in your plan including fees, risks, and historical returns, please login to your account.


  • Begin by clicking on the Portfolio matching to your age.
  • Review the historical risk and return characteristics of the benchmark portfolio1 to make sure this is an appropriate portfolio for you.

    Should this not be quite right, you may click on another portfolio. A portfolio with a lower number will have a reduced risk profile (and expected return); a higher number portfolio will have an increased risk profile (and expected return).

Having narrowed down your desired portfolio, login to your retirement plan account to adjust your investment elections. For support with this process here are step-by-step instructions. For advice on selecting a portfolio, please contact IFA. We are happy to help.

Only Low Risk Investors
Age 70 to 80
Age 60 to 70
Age 50 to 60
Age 40 to 50
Age 30 to 40
Age 20 to 30
Only High Risk Investors

1. The Benchmark Portfolio provided below should be used to help you understand the historical risk and return characteristics of your selected portfolio. Please note that the Benchmark Portfolio may have a slightly different allocation due to limitations with your plan's recordkeeper, but does have the same General Asset Class allocation.

Benchmark Portfolio